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Kayak escursions:

New kayak organizes excursions and hire canoes or kayaks. beautiful river descents on the river Coghinas, to discover nature in Sardinia.
They rent as well as Kayak and Canoe single or double, pedal boats and accessories for the descents. New Kayak Sardinia

quad excursions by quad :
beautiful guided excursions by quad on the hills or on the beach with varying degrees of difficulty .
aquafantasy water park :
This amazing water park has a beautiful view of the coast. many games, slides and pools will entertain children and adults, is only 15 min. by Abbaidda Hotel
playa sardinia

Sailing School :

Playa Sardinia is a sailing school and the local sailing center, are among the main attractors,
for sharing emotions, on the local and international guests.

trenino e battello2 excursion by train and by boat :
this beautiful excursion starts from Perfugas just 20 min. from the hotel.
The train leaves in the morning from Perfugas along beautiful landscapes, you get to Temple Pausanias, a beautiful village with a fantastic old town.
you continue to the lake of Liscia where you can reach the ancient trees by boat, you can lunch on site in a fine restaurant with Sardinian products . In the afternoon you go back by train to Perfugas.
*for information ask at reception
Domus de Janas Sedini

Domus de Janas (Fairy hauses) :

Some characteristics make "La Rocca" in Sedini unique, to the point of being called "the cathedral of the domus de Janas": the first is located in the main street of the village, within the old town and not, as in most cases, remote places or difficult to reach; the second is that it was made of a huge boulder that lies entirely above the surface and for this reason, probably, it is considered the largest in Sardinia. The third characteristic is that, despite maintaining some of its original features, over the centuries has undergone several transformations and uses that have made a living part of the country: it was prison, a place of shelter for animals, shop, party venue and private home. One part still intact medieval structure, with the hearth dug in the middle of the room in the rocky floor and spiral stairs cut into the rock.In the mid-nineties it was acquired by the municipality and transformed over time in the nature of permanent museum of ethnographic traditions of Sedini and Anglona.View of the interior :
There you will see: a photo exhibition on the territory of Sedini (landscape, archaeological sites, flora and fauna); an exhibition of ethnographic and anthropological objects and utensils for daily use, and household work, since 1700; valuable "environmental reconstructions", with objects of great quality exhibition of everyday life anglonese and neolithic tomb.

escursione arcipelago

Excursions to the island of Asinana to the National park of La Maddalena :

La maddalena:

With us you can plan and organize different trips to the national park of La Maddalena,
you can purchase tickets directly at the hotel at the best price!Departur is possible from Santa Teresa or from Palau, the tour of the islands is a guided tour of the most beautiful beaches , you can get a transfer from the hotel or go by your car to the turistic harbour , park the car and start the boat trip .

escursione asinara


Explore the Asinara natural and hidden! Accompanied by experienced guides you can choose and customize them with your ideal excursion!
Aboard modern off-road jeeps , on foot along the various circuits offered on the island, suitable not only for hiking but also for cyclists and mountain bikers.

degustazione vino

Wine Tasting :

The Wine Cellar Ligios is a family business which is 600 mt. by Abbaidda hotel and takes an agricultural tradition passed down for generations, where the terroir is embodied in the final product.
The wonderful wines and brandies represent the best of Sardinian typical products, now internationally recognized.
Abbaidda hotel organizes visits to the wine cellar with tasting of cheeses, salami,local breads , wines and brandies.



the mountains surrounding Valledoria can reach 300-700 m hight . The variety of trails and forest roads with its facilities adequate guarantees both a peaceful walk but also trekking throughout all seasons. You can climb in the direction of Monte Ossoni (between Castelsardo and Valledoria Height: 300 m) breathing the scent of pine and juniper and enjoy fantastic panoramic views of the Gulf of Asinara .A similar view is found in San Gavino (height: 700 m - 10 km from Valledoria) or Monte Ruiu (height: 700 m - 7 km from Valledoria).
Limbara (50 km away) is the highest elevation in the north of Sardinia (1,362 m) and is located in Tempio. It offers many paths and forest roads, with good weather conditions, allow you to enjoy a view that extends beyond the Corsica.

gite a cavallo


near the hotel you can take excursions on horseback ,infact there are countless routes in the hills nearby or ride in our veryu long 20 km beach .


Paragliding :

For those who want to spend a day relaxing in a natural environment, or for those who want to engage in more vigorous activities such as paragliding, the Cross Country; Gymnastic; hiking; Archery; trips on horseback or Helicopter Flight.
The beautiful colors of autumn or the warm summer breeze can be enjoyed from the top of the site will take you on an unforgettable experience and an alternative in one of the most beautiful corners of Sardinia and Anglona.




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